Loan Installments – Spreading Repayment into Monthly Installments up to PLN 10,000 24 months


The name Lenderspo should already be known to people who reach for non-bank loans. The new offer of the company is Lenderspo Raty, i.e. loans with repayment option in monthly installments.

Most of you probably associate the company Lenderspo, which for several years has been providing payday loans, not only in Poland, but also many other European countries. Lenderspo Raty is a completely new project of the company, under which the borrower is able to obtain a loan in a convenient monthly installment system.

Although the Lenderspo Raty brand was brought to life almost in the last days, it really was the project was already earlier under the name Efino. It was on the basis of Efino that the brand was rebranded, which resulted in the creation of Lenderspo Raty.

Lenderspo Installments – loans up to PLN 10,000 online

Lenderspo Installments - loans up to PLN 10,000 online

Lenderspo joined companies that allow borrowing money entirely via the Internet, with the possibility of spreading monthly payments. So we do not have to decide for a payday with quick repayment, if we have concerns about whether we will be able to repay the entire amount borrowed on time. At Lenderspo Raty, we can take a loan simply in installments. The company’s current offer includes loans in the amount of 1000 to even PLN 10,000. However, it should be noted that as part of the first loan, we will get a loan of no more than PLN 6,000. In terms of the repayment period, we can decide on a repayment date that will suit us best. It can be a quick repayment within, for example, three-month installments, or a longer one, eg up to several months. The maximum loan repayment period can be 24 months. The repayment period may also depend on the monthly installment of the loan. The loan calculator on the company’s website will help us. It is on its basis that we will be able to calculate the exact cost of the loan.

Who is the loan at Lenderspo Rat?

Who is the loan at Lenderspo Rat?

The basic condition that we should meet when applying for a loan in Lenderspo. Installments are over 21 years old. We should also have a permanent place of residence and a source of income. To verify the bank account, the company uses the Instator AB system. Thanks to him, he is also able to check the receipts we receive on the account and on this basis estimate our creditworthiness. Thanks to this solution, it is not necessary to perform any verification transfers from your bank account. On the company’s website, we also find a framework loan agreement, the content of which we can read even before applying for a loan in Lenderspo Raty.

At the end, it is worth mentioning that Lenderspo is still one of the companies providing weekend pay on the Internet. Currently, as a new client, we can obtain a payment of up to PLN 3000 in the company, with a 30 or 45-day repayment period.

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