Loan 25,000 euros: estimate of financing in 120 installments, installment calculation and simulation

All you need to know about 25,000 euros loans. We see the characteristics of these loans and in particular how to request an online quote from the main banks and financial institutions. We will make a calculation of the installment and interest rates that will be applied to our loan, through a simulation of the same.

Loan 25000 euros Ultranix: free online quote up to 120 installments

Loan 25000 euros Ultranix: free online quote up to 120 installments

If you are looking for a 25,000 euro loan, the products that are right for you are different. One of the major lenders offering this possibility is Ultranix. The perfect solution to receive a € 25,000 loan is without a doubt that of personal loans. This option is aimed at all Ultranix customers, who will have the opportunity to choose the repayment rate that best meets their needs by setting a duration from 12 months up to a maximum of 120 months. Among the main financial, without doubt Ultranix is the one that offers us more freedom in this sense. This aspect is certainly positive, and in some cases decisive in choosing the company that suits us. Choosing a refund of the loan in 120 installments we will have the opportunity to set a very low rate, which we can face without too much trouble. For this reason it is the ideal solution for example for those who do not have a particularly high salary, or for self-employed workers who in some months may find themselves in difficulty in facing too high a rate.

The installment is the parameter that most of all determines the choice of the best financing solution. In the case we are considering, ie the request for a 25,000 euro Ultranix loan, the amount is not particularly low, and as a result it will be difficult to keep the number of installments necessary for repayment low. The choice of the duration of the loan is a fundamental aspect of the request, as we have already said determines the amount that we will pay each month until the repayment term ends. This installment will remain constant for the entire duration of the loan, so we will have to pay attention, for example, not to set an installment too high to avoid finding ourselves in difficulty in payments. To find the ideal number of installments, the tool offered to us on the Ultranix website is the simulator, which can be used free of charge even without registration. This allows us to immediately obtain an estimate of the repayment installment that we will pay each month and the interest rates related to the different options available. In the following table you will find the characteristics of the Ultranix loans of 25,000 euros with repayment of 12 to 120 months.

12 months € 2,205.30 6.91 11,50
24 months € 1,140.60 6.91 9.51
36 months 786.20 euros 6.90 8,81
48 months € 609.50 6.91 8.46
60 months € 503.80 6.91 8.24
72 months € 433.60 6.91 8.10
84 months € 383.70 6.91 8.00
96 months € 346.40 6.90 7,91
108 months € 317.70 6.91 7.85
120 months € 294.80 6.91 7.80

As we have already said, the minimum duration available is definitely too high, given that it is equal to 2,205.30 euros. For this reason it is good to increase the number of months in which to complete the repayment, since as you can see immediately also from the table as the duration increases, the amount related to each monthly installment that we will have to pay decreases. The lighter installment possible is that which corresponds therefore to the maximum duration, which in the case of 25,000 euro loans offered by Ultranix is equal to 120 months. By choosing this reimbursement option we will set a monthly payment of € 294.80, which is therefore very low and within the reach of many customers. However, in order to identify the ideal duration, interest rates must also be considered. From the table we note that the Tan is practically fixed, since it will be 6.90% or 6.91%, while the Taeg decreases with increasing duration. It is important, however, to remember that these are percentages of annual interest: this means that every year you will pay a little less, but overall the interest will grow as the number of installments increases. So it is good not to set a duration too high to save on interest. In this case, for example, a 72-month repayment may be advisable, which provides for an installment of € 433.60 and interest rates of Tan 6.91% and Taeg of 8.10%.

Loans from 25 thousand euros Astrofinance: installment calculation and interest rates

Another financial company to whom we advise you to ask for a quote if you are interested in receiving a 25,000 euro loan is Astrofinance. Also in this case, on the credit institution’s website, you can simulate your personal loan to find out the monthly repayment rate and the applied interest rates. The use of the simulator is very simple, even if, unlike what we have seen previously, in this case it is necessary to specify the project we intend to carry out in the event of the payment of the desired sum. With regard to loans of € 25,000, being a sum of money rather important, there are different purposes that we can select from the relevant drop-down menu. In particular among the vehicles it is possible to buy a car or a motorbike, both new and used, but also a motor home or a boat of any kind. Among the expenses that we will be able to face with 25,000 euros there is then, for example, the purchase of a garage or a parking space, or for the house the renovation, the purchase of furniture and household appliances. Finally, among the various projects we find the organization of weddings and travel, or the expenses for personal training or of their children, or even medical expenses and so on.

Once you have entered the project to be implemented and the amount we need, then 25,000 euros, we just click on ” Calculate the Loan ” to receive the best Astrofinance loan that is right for us. The first solution that is proposed to us is that which provides for the lowest repayment installment, perfect for those who prefer to face the cost of financing little by little, without the installment excessively modifying the monthly budget at their disposal. If you prefer a lower duration instead, just click on the “+” that you find next to the first quote to browse the different solutions. In the case of 25000 euro Astrofinance loans, the duration ranges from a minimum of 18 months to a maximum of 96 months. As we have already done before, also in this case we report in the following table the characteristics of all the personal loan options offered to us by Astrofinance for the sum we desire.

18 months 1,475.10 euros 7.70 7.97
24 months € 1,127.30 7.70 7.98
30 months € 918.80 7.70 7.97
36 months 780.00 euros 7.70 7.98
42 months 681.00 euros 7.70 7.98
48 months € 606.90 7.70 7.98
54 months € 549.30 7.70 7.98
60 months € 503.40 7.70 7.98
66 months € 465.90 7.70 7.98
72 months € 434.70 7.70 7.97
78 months € 408.40 7.70 7.97
84 months € 386.00 7.70 7.98
96 months 349.70 euros 7.70 7.98

Although Astrofinance personal loans have a maximum duration lower than Ultranix loans, even in this case you will be spoiled for choice in terms of available options. As for interest rates, the first thing you notice from the table is that these are constant as the duration increases. In particular, the Tan is fixed at 7.70%, while the Taeg can be 7.97% or 7.98%. As we have already said, the online estimate is very useful for identifying the duration that goes to our case. For the 25 million euro Astrofinance personal loans, for example, the lighter rate corresponds to the duration of 96 months and will be equal to 349.70 euros. If you want to save on interest, it may be convenient to choose a shorter duration. A good compromise between “heaviness” of the installment and interest payable can be represented by the repayment in 66 months, which provides a monthly payment of € 465.90. Finally, it may be useful to compare the table for Ultranix loans for 25,000 euros. From this comparison it is clear how in the case of short durations it is advisable to contact Astrofinance, as it provides a decidedly lower Taeg.

Online simulation Flesh loan € 25,000: characteristics of the loan

The last credit institution that we analyze among those offering personal loans of 25,000 euros is InDirect. The product offered in this case is what is called the Flesh Loan. Also in this case at the time of the request we will have the possibility to choose the repayment installment that we prefer by fixing the duration. In the case of the € 25,000 Flesh Loan, the number of installments goes from 12 months to 84 months. The characteristics of the financing are very similar to those offered by the other companies we have considered, similar to the operation of the online simulator that can be used for free even without being a customer of InDirect. If we want in this case the graphics of the installment calculator is even more intuitive, since we will present two bars, one relative to the amount and one to the duration. To see the characteristics of the financing we are interested in, just move on these bars to select the parameters of our interest. In this case we have obviously considered an Flesh Loan of 25,000 euros, and we have calculated the installment for the main available durations. The table below shows the characteristics of the various financing options.

12 months € 2,185.71 8.95 9.46
18 months € 1,489.37 8.95 9.42
24 months € 1,141.55 8.95 9.60
30 months 933.13 euros 8.95 9.55
36 months € 794.41 8.95 9.51
42 months 695.53 euros 8.95 9.49
48 months 621.53 euros 8.95 9.47
54 months € 564.13 8.95 9.45
60 months € 518.35 8.95 9.44
66 months € 481.02 8.95 9.43
72 months 450.02 euros 8.95 9.43
78 months € 423.89 8.95 9.42
84 months 401.59 euros 8.95 9.41

If you are interested in applying for an € 25,000 Flesh Loan, please use this table. Also in this case we immediately notice that the Tan is fixed at 8.95%, while the Taeg has a generally decreasing trend with increasing duration. Without repeating what has been said above regarding the criteria with which to identify the ideal duration, let’s see what the most attractive reimbursement options may be. As always we see first of all the lightest installment ever, which in the case of the Flesh Loans from 25,000 euros corresponds to a duration of 84 months and will have an amount equal to 401.59 euros, with Tan 8.95% and Taeg 9, 41%. This can therefore be a good solution, but to save on interest we can also reduce the duration. For example, we recommend the option with repayment in 66 months, which will correspond to a monthly payment of € 481.02 and interest rates Tan 8.95% and Taeg 9.43%.



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