Loan 5000 Euro: how to have a fast loan, in installments and even without a paycheck

We provide you with a practical guide that will be useful if you are looking for a 5,000 euro loan. We find out all the features of the various forms of financing available on the market that will allow you to obtain this sum, useful for coping with various expenses. We will see how to get a personal loan of 5 thousand euros in order to have the money we need immediately available to us. Finally, how to request a free estimate online with the calculation of the installment, which will allow you to identify the most convenient products with the best interest rates in circulation.

How to apply for a fast loan of 5000 euros without a paycheck

If you are looking for a 5,000 euro loan, you will be pleased to know that the opportunities on the market are different, and can meet the needs of all, or almost all, customers. First of all, a very important factor is the fact that the amount we are talking about is not particularly high, and therefore banks and financial institutions usually do not have too much trouble granting credit to those who request it even if are without a paycheck. An additional advantage is related to the timing of the sum requested by us: in the case of requests for funding of 5,000 euros, very often the amount is paid into the customer’s current account within a few hours from the sending of the loan request.

The delivery speed is the main feature of small loans without paychecks, the solution that is proposed by most financial institutions when we are looking for a loan of 5,000 euros. This is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity since we are talking about a personal loan, which is the option now preferred by all those who need funding, regardless of the amount requested and the purpose of the loan. However, alternatives to personal loans and, in our particular case, to small loans offered by the main companies such as Ultranix, Onecredit, Cleopar, Astrofinance, MRL and others are not to be discarded.

Requesting a loan of 5000 euros without a paycheck is very simple. As we have already said, in this case there will be less problems because of the fact that the requested sum is not very high. For this reason, no doubt the self-employed will be able to receive the desired funding simply by submitting their tax return, which will have the same value as the paycheck. For those who do not have adequate earnings or are unemployed, there are still further alternatives. For example, it is possible to present a guarantor, which will in fact provide our bank with the guarantees required by the bank. Alternatively, the so-called ” pledge credit ” is widely used for loans without payrolls of 5000 euros. This type of loan allows you to receive the money you want using a valuable item as a guarantee (with market price obviously higher than the amount requested). At the end of the refund the item will be returned to us, so we will avoid losing it.

As we always repeat when we talk about any form of financing, there is no solution that is the best ever, since much depends on the economic situation of the customer who requires the loan and the various needs that this may have. Especially with regard to loans for amounts that are not very high, there are different alternatives reserved for particular categories of customers, which are somehow protected by banks or are entitled to funding allocated by the European Union. The latter are aimed in particular at young entrepreneurs, who are interested in starting a start-up or any other project.

Funding is definitely the most convenient solution ever, and that’s why there are always many young people who participate in the calls of the various regions of Italy. In order to take advantage of this special treatment, obviously it will be necessary to show that one’s idea is really valid, besides obviously being particularly competent in the matter. Finally, as regards the category of customers most “protected” by the banks, this is undoubtedly the category of pensioners. In particular, the best solution that is reserved to them and that must surely be considered if you are looking for a loan of 5,000 euros, is the so-called transfer of the fifth, which provides repayment installments of no more than 20% of the net pension received, which will be deducted each month from the pension itself.

How to apply for a personal loan of 5 thousand euros

How to apply for a personal loan of 5 thousand euros

As we said, asking for a loan of 5,000 euros is usually simpler than larger amounts, and especially the delivery times are significantly lower. The first thing to do to apply for a € 5,000 loan is to evaluate the different alternatives offered to us by the various companies and not only. In addition to “classic” solutions that we saw in the paragraph above, it may also be convenient to look at the opportunities offered by private loans, of which there are several on the internet community as Prestiamoci, Smartika and Blender. So, before proceeding with the request for funding it is good to know what are the solutions to which we can have access based on what are our requisites and from an income point of view.

To assess what is the most convenient solution, surely the best thing to do is to request a quote from several banks, so you know immediately the repayment installment that we will pay every month and the interest rates Tan and Taeg that will determine the expense we will meet for our financing. The procedures for requesting a loan estimate of € 5,000 will be discussed in detail in the next paragraph, while now we focus on the request for the actual financing. Once identified the product that appears to be cheaper among those to which we can have access because we have the necessary requirements, what we have to do is visit the company’s website.

Here we will find all the features of the product offered, in addition to the description of the request methods. As for personal loans of 5,000 euros, several banks such as Ultranix, Astrofinance and Fineco, offer their customers the possibility to proceed with sending the request completely online. In this case, what we will have to do is follow the guided procedure, in which we will obviously be asked for the data of the loan, namely the desired amount and the duration we prefer for the reimbursement. Subsequently, what will be required will be our personal data and the documentation that certifies our income, then the paycheck, the pension slip or the tax return. Finally, to guarantee the security of the loan application procedure, the digital signature, previously registered for the client, is used.

Not all companies allow us to apply for the loan completely online. In case you can not choose this option, or simply prefer to rely on an expert in the field to start the practice, then what you need to do is go to the branch to have an interview with a consultant who will provide us with more information and advise us, for example, on the duration to choose from. Through the website of the main companies, it is possible to make an appointment at the branch choosing the one that is most convenient for us depending on the area in which we live. So once the appointment is confirmed to us by the company itself, all we have to do is go to the branch and proceed with the request for the € 5,000 loan we need.

Loan 5000 euros in 48 installments: how to get it

Loan 5000 euros in 48 installments: how to get it

If you are interested in receiving a personal loan of € 5000 and you wish to make the repayment in 48 installments, there are several credit institutes to which you can apply. As always, to obtain it, it will be enough to perform a simulation inserting the desired amount and the duration that you prefer. If the calculated rate and the related interest rates satisfy you, then you just have to proceed with the request for online financing or by going to the branch. The duration is the main aspect that will determine the characteristics of the loan. Choosing a refund in 48 installments, the monthly installments will be particularly light, so it is the ideal solution for those who want to receive 5000 euros to be repaid in all serenity.

To get an idea of ​​the conditions under which it is possible to receive a 5,000 euro loan in 48 installments, let’s take a look at the repayment installments and interest rates applied by some of the major lenders. Let’s start with Ultranix, which through the inclusion of the desired amount allows us to compare all the solutions corresponding to the different durations. Choosing a repayment in 48 installments, the monthly expense to be dealt with will be 116.10 euros, with Tan 4.92% interest rates and 6.71% Taeg. For example, regarding the simulation of the Astrofinance loan, we consider a loan of 5,000 euros for the purchase of household appliances. The repayment can be made in 48 installments of € 120.80, with interest rates of 7.45% and Taeg 7.71%. Slightly higher is the installment offered by Cleopar for a loan of 5000 euros with repayment in 48 installments. Each installment will be in fact € 129.10, with interest rates Tan 9.90% and Taeg 12.13%.

Loan of 5000 euros Rate 0 and without guarantees: is it possible to have it?

To receive a € 5,000 loan, there are different loan options you can choose from. A key aspect of this loan application is the fact that the desired amount of money is not particularly high. This feature allows the applicant to get the money he needs in a short time, and above all without any particular problems related to the necessary requirements. So it is possible to even say that loans from 5000 euros can be requested without guarantees ? Let’s say that in general it is wrong to talk about loans without guarantees, because in any case the institution that provides the loan will have to minimize the risk of insolvency. What can be said about the 5,000 euro loans, however, is that they can be requested without presenting income guarantees.

In particular, there are some types of loans that are particularly attractive due to the fact that they can also be requested without a pay check and at extremely advantageous conditions, such as zero-rate. The first solution is that which takes the name of loan of honor. This form of financing is mainly aimed at university students. If you have certain merit requirements, which relate to the student’s average-grade and obviously the number of credits obtained, the student will have the opportunity to receive the desired 5,000 euros without having to present any income guarantee. Non-zero interest loans can also be requested through their own Region. In fact, from time to time, calls are published that aim to encourage the development of new businesses. The beneficiaries of zero-interest loans are mainly young people and women, who in this way will be able to obtain the desired amount.

Astrofinance loan 5000 euros

As we have already seen above, one of the main financials to which you can apply for a loan of 5,000 euros is Astrofinance. The conditions offered by this company are always among the best on the market, both for the interests and for the planned management costs. All the features of the 5000 € Astrofinance loans can be analyzed and compared with other companies thanks to the simulator that can be found on Astrofinance’s website. To calculate the installment, simply enter the amount in the appropriate space and select the project we intend to make with the 5000 euro that we will borrow. The following table shows the characteristics of Astrofinance funding for each of the available durations, so as to allow you to easily identify the solution that is right for you.

18 months € 294.50 7.47 7.73
24 months € 224.90 7.45 7.71
30 months € 183.20 7.45 7.71
36 months 155.50 euros 7.48 7.74
42 months 135.70 euros 7.48 7.75
48 months € 120.80 7.45 7.71
54 months € 109.30 7.46 7.72
60 months 100.10 euros 7.46 7.72
66 months 92.60 euros 7.46 7.72
72 months 86.40 euros 7.47 7.74
78 months 81.10 euro 7.46 7.72
84 months 76.60 euros 7.46 7.72
96 months € 69.30 7.45 7.71

The duration of the Astrofinance loans from 5,000 euros ranges from a minimum of 18 months up to a maximum of 96 months. Obviously there is no better solution than the others, since the optimal conditions depend on the needs of the customer. In the event that your prerogative is to make the repayment in all serenity by setting very low installments, then you will choose a higher duration. If instead you prefer to save on interest and therefore on the total cost of financing, then without doubt the best solution is the one with the lowest duration. In the case of a 5000 Euro Astrofinance loan with repayment in 18 months, for example the monthly amount to be paid will be equal to 294.50 euros, with interest rates Tan 7.47% and Taeg 7.73%. If you want to lower the repayment installment, a solution that is certainly attractive is that with repayment in 60 months, with installments of only € 100.10 and interest rates Tan 7.46% and Taeg 7.72%. Our advice is not to go beyond 60 months for the duration, to avoid paying excessively high interest.

Loan 5000 euros Postal service Italy

Among the best credit institutions for the 5000 euro loans are the Italian Post Office. There are several financing options that are made available by the company. As always, the loan we have to request is the Fostal Bank loan. On the website of the Italian Post Office, we find all the details of this form of financing, which can also be requested without having a Fostal Bank current account. The loan lasts from a minimum of 24 months up to a maximum of 84 months, so even in this case there is the possibility of choosing the optimal solution according to your needs. As regards the provision of the Fostal Bank loan, this will take place in extremely short time by crediting the customer’s current account or on the PostePay Evolution card. Alternatively, in the case of Fostal Bank 5000 euro loans, it is possible to request cash disbursement, which we can receive by going to the counter of any post office.

One of the best products presented to us on the Italian Post Office website is that the Fostal Bank Flexible loan could be perfect to receive the desired 5,000 euros. There are several advantages of this solution, which allows us to customize our loan as much as possible. In fact, during the course of the loan there is the possibility to change or skip the repayment installment. At the time of stipulation of the contract, in fact, a Basic Installment is defined, which is what we usually pay, a Low Installment, which is the minimum amount that can be paid, and the High Rate, which is the maximum amount. When we need it we can therefore choose to lower or increase the amount of the installment, increasing or decreasing the duration of our financing. This option is available every month after having repaid 6 installments. Finally, for 3 times we will have the possibility to skip the installment, with the consequence of obviously extending the duration of the loan.

Estimate for loans from 5000 euros with calculation of installments and best rates

Estimate for loans from 5000 euros with calculation of installments and best rates

The best thing to do before proceeding with the request for a loan of 5,000 euros, regardless of what is the form of financing chosen by us and the bank to which we address, is to request a quote. This will allow us to have an immediate view of the treatment that will be reserved, and therefore will allow us to assess the feasibility of the request, based on our economic situation and the monthly budget we want to have at our disposal and under which we do not want down. It should be stressed that the request for a quote is completely free and does not in any way constitute a constraint on our possible request for funding in the future.

Requesting a quote is very simple, and many companies offer anyone the opportunity to do so, even to those who are not registered on the website and who are not customers. All we have to do is enter the amount we need in the space provided. Loan simulation software is different: some require the purpose of the loan, such as Astrofinance, while others, such as Cleopar, ask us to enter the number of months in which we intend to make the repayment, to calculate the repayment installment and the interest rates applied only for our specific case.

Very useful are the loan simulators that through the insertion of the sum we want to borrow, in our case 5,000 euros, presents all the various solutions offered by the company. The latter will obviously differ for the duration of the loan: by choosing a longer duration we can have a lower monthly payment, which will allow us not to over-modify the budget available to us, as we lower the number of months in which we make the reimbursement the amount relating to interest payable to the bank that offers us the loan will also be reduced. To get a better view of what are the characteristics of personal loans of 5,000 euros, we present the estimates of two of the leading companies, Agos and Cleopar.

Agos estimate for personal loan of 5 thousand euros

Ultranix is one of the companies that through their website offer us the possibility to calculate the repayment installment without registration. To simulate a loan of 5,000 euros, what we will have to do is insert “5,000” in the appropriate space relative to the amount to be requested, and immediately we are presented with the different solutions to choose from, which we summarized in the table below.

12 months € 432.10 4.91 8.56
24 months 221.40 euros 4.94 7.39
36 months € 151.20 4.94 6.96
48 months 116.10 euros 4.92 6.71
60 months 95.10 euros 4.92 6.57
72 months 81.10 euro 4.91 6.46
84 months 71.20 euros 4.93 6.41
96 months 68.60 euros 6.90 8.42
108 months € 62.90 6.90 8.37
120 months 58,40 euros 6.91 8.33

As you can see immediately, the choice offered by Agos regarding the duration of the loan is quite wide, since it starts from a minimum of 12 months up to a maximum of even 120 months. Since this is not a very high sum, our advice is to direct you towards a reimbursement in a number of months not exceeding 48. In fact, this solution corresponds to a monthly payment of 116.10 euros, decidedly affordable, with a Tan of 4.92% and a Taeg of 6.71%.

Cleopar estimate for a loan of 5 thousand euros

Another good company to which we advise you to turn to if you are looking for a 5,000 euro loan is Cleopar. In this case the simulation software is slightly different than the one available on the Agos website, since to calculate the installment we will have to specify the number of months in which we intend to make the reimbursement. To simplify your life, we have consulted all the different possible solutions and we have listed them in the following table.

24 months € 235.10 9.90 13,33
30 months € 192.60 9.90 12,86
36 months € 164.32 9.90 12,54
42 months 144.17 euros 9.90 12,31
48 months € 129.10 9.90 12,13
54 months € 117.42 9.90 12,00
60 months € 108.11 9.90 11,89
66 months 100.52 euros 9.90 11,80
72 months 94.22 euros 9.90 11,71
78 months 88.92 euros 9.90 11,65
84 months 84.40 euros 9.90 11,59

Compared to the solutions offered by Ultranix, we note how the duration may vary in this case “only” between 24 and 84 months. As far as interest rates are concerned, in this case we have a nominal annual rate set at 9.90%, which does not vary according to the duration chosen, whereas the Annual Effective Annual Rate decreases with an increase in the number of months. Be careful to read this last fact : the total interest that we will pay will be the higher the longer the duration, because only the annual interest rate decreases.



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